Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Here is the News.

What shall I write about? There is plenty of stuff going on but I can't seem to settle on any topic and give it any serious thought.  I'll stick the news on the telly and see if that gives me any inspiration.

Well that worked.  It's election day in America and the 24 hour news channels are full of American people waving little flags and talking about the economy and abortion.
I know that the outcome of this election will in some respect affect everybody in the world but most people over here have superficial views on the candidates at best and most of us couldn't give a toss who wins.

Obama seems nice enough, if he tried to sell me insurance I would probably listen politely for a reasonable length of time before telling him I wasn't interested.
Romney looks a bit like that bloke who played cop/biker/rapist Zed in Pulp Fiction.
On these grounds I would vote for Obama.
Hey, I never said I was politically savvy.

In England we've gone child abuse crazy.  Hmm, let me rephrase that, the news over here is full of the late Jimmy Savile's alleged abuse of possibly 300  under age girls and boys over a period covering the 60's, 70's and 80's.  This is appalling in the extreme, Savile was a popular TV presenter and DJ and I myself was one of the thousands of kids who wrote to his show Jim'll Fix It back in the 70's.
I wanted to visit the big plastic dinosaurs at some park in London but I never got a reply.

When he died last year his funeral procession brought the city of Leeds to a standstill as thousands paid their respects. Streets and wings of hospitals were named after him for all the charity work he had done.  Now there is an active attempt to erase him from the national memory.  His grave no longer has a marker, the plaques and street signs are gone, the hospital wings renamed and his knighthood has been revoked.

Now I am not belittling or making light of what may have occurred but this is still in the investigation stage and the alleged perpetrator has been dead for a year.
What annoys me is the way the press is staring to froth at the mouth over this.
There are reporters scouring the thousands of hours of TV footage of Savile to see if there are is anything suspicious. Headlines accusing the BBC and the NHS of knowing about and covering up Savile's alleged predilections, it is starting to sound like a witch hunt when the witch is already dead.

Oh and apparently a disease has entered the UK that is going to kill off all the Ash trees.
I wish I'd never turned the bloody news on.


Paige Kellerman said...

Yep, pure craziness over here today. After all the political ads, I think most of us would prefer to be vacationing in your part of the world for a bit.

My condolences on the Ash trees. Around here, we're inundated with Oak.

YeamieWaffles said...

Sorry to hear that Jimmy Savile let you down man. In all honesty I believe that people are trying to get fame and fortune off of his name but considering the evidence it's undeniable that he was at the very least a serial abuser. The papers who are having him helping out Peter Sutcliffe and such are being ridiculous though. I'm with you on the American politics too, I just want a successful outcome that'll be best for America, I think I like Obama better but I'm pretty clueless in all honesty haha.

The Angry Lurker said...

Totally agree about Jimmy Saville, can we prove it first and why wait until he's dead! The media is something else.

Workingdan said...

What good does it do to investigate? The man is already dead for Christ's sake! What are they gonna do if they find him guilty? Dig up his body and hang him?

I hate the news! I don't watch it anymore. Every night there is some disturbing story about a child getting molested and murdered. I also hate how the reporters froth out the mouth for a scoop on a breaking story. They are nothing but scavengers! Vampires sucking the life blood out of anyone who makes one wrong move!

As an American, I will not engage in the political banter! That stuff is just as sickening as the news. The campaigns don't even address the issues that the US faces. Instead they just dig up dirt and verbally bash the opposing candidate. How am I supposed to know who to vote for when that is all they do? Instead, they should tell me what I want to hear and then, more importantly, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Choleesa said...

I say let dead pervs lie.
Nothing can be done now, and it seems as if it only punishes the family he left behind.

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah all they do is show the crap on the news because it gets the attention of the numbnuts who sit on the ever widening arse and watch it all day long. How are they going to punish him anyway? pointless.

Rob Z Tobor said...

The fact that the press may be forced into watching thousands of hours of Jimmy Savile has its own strange satisfaction. The thought of the worst of the media watching the worst that the media can provide .. . . . . . .

I still watch or listen to the news every night but I also mutter and grumble a lot while it is on. I am holding out for world peace. . . .

Al Penwasser said...

Our reporters/media over here are the same.
Oh, that probably doesn't make you feel any better.
Well how about this?
At least you all don't have Snooki.

Jordan said...

Election day in America fills me with a sense of excitement and dread. I've spent months hoping that my fellow citizens will not send this country back 50 years. I'm trying to be hopeful and yet there is a huge knot in my stomach. That knot will either unwind tonight or be pulled tighter, making me sick.

I read about that Savile guy and his alleged molestations. I'm not familiar with him at all but the thing that strikes me is how many people have come forward. Some people think it's ridiculous, and I'm sure some of them may be lying for their piece of notoriety or whatever may come of it. At the same time, it's known that child molesters are generally repeat offenders. If he had easy access and nobody to stop him, it could all be true, which is heartbreaking.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Paige: At least the political ads will stop now.

Matthew: Paige beat you to first comment place this time. Keep up lad.

Lurker: Something else entirely.

Dan: Blimey! Looks like I rattled your cage.

Choleesa: 'Let dead pervs lie' is my comment of the day, nice one.

Pat: The worst part is he doesn't get punished at all. He died before all this came out.

Rob: World peace will only occur when mankind is extinct.

Al: What the hell is a Snooki?

Jordan: I don't deny it happened. It is the alleged victims that are demanding financial compensation that cheapens the issue that I doubt.

Miranda Hardy said...

The news is depressing. Ugh...but, yet, I can't not be well informed.

Love your style in picking politics.

Nicki Elson said...

We had that Ash disease over here. I hope they take care of it before you lose too many.

That's bizarro that these allegations on that guy didn't come out until after he was dead. What else is bizarro is that I got your comment in my e-mail in box, but at the blog, no comment. Weird.

Also, the full name of the magazine is Insatiable: The Magazine of Paranormal Desire. Paraporn, eh?

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I didn't know about that sick dude. I personally think erasing his memory would be a good thing. Too bad it's not so easy to erase what he did to all those poor kids.

Janie Junebug said...

It sounds as if Jimmy had a lot in common with Catholic priests. I think the buying insurance is a great idea for undecided voters. Would you be more likely to buy insurance from X or Y? Then you vote for the one you would trust to sell you insurance. I would definitely buy insurance from Obama, but not Romney.


Jimmy Fungus said...

Was Jimmy Savile a host on Top of the Pops? I recognize him from youtube videos, I think. I don't know, for some reason I got a strange vibe about him...like something was up.

Bart said...

that pedophile is dead already? i thought he was parading this news all over the place

Powdered Toast Man said...

Those Ash trees had it coming to them. I heard the rumors.

DWei said...

And that's why I only get my news from the internet. You get a nicer composition of positive and negative things.

Margaret said...

We've heard about that story over here in US. How horrible if it's true. Here in the US there was a big college football scandal that was sort of similar, and the administration totally threw the victims under the bus in order to protect the reputation of the institution. And now it seems the Boy Scouts of American has been just as bed. I

altadenahiker said...

Oh, of course now we have a sex scandal, and nothing trumps that -- not elections, wars, famines, floods.

Anonymous said...

Having a decent eye day so I thought I'd come say hi.
You made me laugh at our elections. As for the professed child abuser why wasn't this taken care of before the man died? Seriously? People are stupid. Have a great day my friend.

Azara said...

I read less and less of the newspaper these days. It's too depressing. I'm not burying my head in the sand; I know how shitty the world is. I just get tired of hearing the gruesome details every single day.