Wednesday, 28 September 2016


After spending 90 minutes watching the Clinton/Trump debate I came to a realisation. Donald Trump is thick.  Yes I know he is a successful businessman, he managed to mention it in just about every sentence he uttered. It doesn't take all that much brainpower to be good in business when your Dad is rich.
He didn't have any policies to back up his claims that he is going to make America great and he floundered and bellowed his way through the whole thing like a stupid bully. He makes outrageous claims and comments then steamrollers over anyone who disagrees with him and some people seem to think this is 'straight talking'.
The debate didn't go how he wanted so instead of blaming himself for not preparing for it he blames the microphone or the chairman for not liking him. I mean for God's sake, really?
America says it is the greatest nation on Earth and surely out of all the people there was a better choice for the top job than this childish, spoilt, arrogant man
You may not like Clinton but it's not like you are inviting her to dinner or anything. You are choosing someone to be your boss and she at least seems to have the capability to do it, Trump looks completely out of his depth. She may be part of the Establishment but that's the way the world works, it got America to the point where it is the most powerful nation on the planet.
But if America doesn't want to be taken seriously anymore then it can go ahead and put Trump in the Whitehouse. Just don't complain when it all comes crashing down around you.