Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Old People Fighting.

American TV news has today been full of pictures of an elderly lady stumbling into a car because she is suffering from pneumonia while working flat out.
Instead of people sympathising with her everyone is talking about how she should have told all of
 America that she was ill instead of struggling on to the point of exhaustion.

Well lets look at this from her point of view. Her opponent has been making all sorts of allegations against her, including casting asperstions about her health.
If she came out and said that she had pneumonia Donald Trump would have no doubt crowed that he had been right all along, so she can't really be blamed for trying to keep it quiet.

And her health really is her own business, the same as it is for everybody else. Who wants details of their own health made public knowledge, it's nobody else's business.
Some people might say 'But she's running for President, we should know her health details'. Well I'm a Brit so I'm watching all this from the other side of the ocean but I can't remember any previous elections where runners have had to make their health records public knowledge.

It seems to be Donald Trump that is making this an issue and everybody is letting him call the tune.
For those who say that they don't think Hilary Clinton is trustworthy, do you really think that Trump is honest?
If you think he is then please get in touch with me as I have lots of useless shit I can talk you into buying off me.