Sunday, 23 June 2013

Clint Eastwood's French Beach Hut.

Ever heard of a town called Deauville? No, neither had I until just recently and we've just returned from spending a week there. It's in Normandy, France and is just a few miles along the coast from the D-Day landing beaches.

It's a really nice resort town where rich French people go on holiday and everything is expensive. They have a film festival there every year and along the boardwalk next to the beautiful sandy beach are rows of beach huts.

Over the years many big Hollywood stars have rented these beach huts and they get their names painted on the rails. So I had to get a photo of myself outside the hut where Dirty Harry eats his ice cream and stashes his beach ball when he is in town.

I would recommend this town for a holiday but you will need to save up a lot of money and brush up on your French, just shouting at the waiters in English will get you nowhere.

Go ahead, make your stay.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I know how the human race is going to end. It won't be in a nuclear holocaust with the survivors driving around the irradiated wasteland in spiky cars and wearing leather.

It won't be in a zombie holocaust with smelly dead people shambling around and eating living people, it won't  be a biblical plague or an alien invasion.

No, our eventual fate is that we will become so stupid that we will simply cease being able to function and probably be overtaken by ants or something. 

Have you ever seen a film called Idiocracy? Luke Wilson is a soldier with below average intelligence who volunteers for an experiment to be frozen for a year. However the scientists forget about him and he awakens a hundred years in the future to find that humanity has become so stupid that he is now the cleverest person on the planet.

It looks like we are already well on the way to allowing the thickies to take precedence. There was recently a news article on the BBC saying that the English language was too complicated and needed to be simplified to make it easier for children to learn.
Examples given included the words 'there' and 'their', why have two different spellings when one will do?
Or 'receipt' could be changed to 'reseet', rhubarb could become roobarb.

Now I understand that language is a fluid form and new words are created all the time but why do we need to dumb down the basic structure? There is nothing wrong with the language but rather than asking children to apply themselves and learn it as it is we change it so they don't have to apply themselves too much.

What a load of crap.

It' is similar to the health service spending millions of pounds on bigger ambulances and beds to cope with all the overweight people. Surely the money would be better spent on getting these people to a manageable weight instead of just reacting to the symptoms of the problem.

It is like people no longer take responsibility for themselves and expect someone to come along and take away all the nasty words that they can't be arsed to learn. Then they can sit on their backsides eating takeaway food in front of the TV until their health deteriorates to the extent that a team of six people have to lift their massive carcase into the back of a giant ambulance.

This is a possible vision of the future if we allow the lowest common denominator set the standards. Instead of us dumbing down to their level they should be trying to better themselves.  This is called achievement, something that many people seem to have lost the ability to do.

Jesus, I sound like my dad.