Thursday, 9 September 2010

God save the Queen from what?

When is the Queen going to shift over and give Prince Charles a go? He's starting to look a bit old these days but it looks like she's welded herself to the throne.

Charles is touring the country in the Royal Train at the moment, trying to spread awareness of climate change and doing his bit by having his train run on cooking oil.
I didn't even know there was a royal train.

At least Charles tries to talk to people, the best we get from his mum is the Christmas Day speech which she has been doing for years and still comes across as stilted and awkward.

She may as well hold up a sign saying 'I'm reading this from an Autocue'.

I've nothing against the Royals apart from them having too much money.
What is annoying is the forelock tugging and toadying that occurs whenever the media runs a story on the queen.

It is a given that nothing too controversial can be said about them. I don't know why, it isn't as though they can have us executed anymore.

Whenever someone brings up the subject of the queens vast wealth you can bet someone else will pipe up and say 'Yes but she works had for this country'.

Well I work hard for this country too but no-one gives me a castle and a shed load of jewellery.

Lets keep the Royal Family as they do pull in the tourists and the only time America takes any notice of us is when it's something to do with the Queen.

Also they are one of the more visible aspects of our culture and in this day we should cherish that.

But let's give them a sensible wage.