Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Eyes Hurt

When I went to see Avatar we decided to go for the full mashings and saw it in 3D on the Imax in Bradford.

I've never watched a 3D film before and was expecting to be given those flimsy cardboard specs with the red and green acetate lenses. Instead we were given some big black lens jobs that made us look like 7o's era Elton John.

I have to say I thought the 3D was great and the film is a massive technical achievement with pinsharp attention to detail.

The story itself was best described on South Park as 'Dances with Smurfs' and lets things down a little. Sam Worthington in the lead role is a bit bland and the plot device used to get the main characters out of military custody seems forced and unconvincing.

However this misses the point of the film which is to point and say 'Wow' at the special effects, which for once are genuinley special.

This could be a weakness when the film comes out on DVD as it is the 3D experience that makes the film stand out.

Worth a look but go all the way and wear the Elton specs.