Thursday, 7 March 2013

Leave the Dead Alone.

Those of you who have followed me for a while will probably want to stop reading as you will know how I feel about psychics.

Nonetheless I feel compelled to rant again about people who claim to have magic powers that allow them to talk to the dead.  I had a debate with someone recently who had been to see a medium and she was telling me how they were able to find out all sorts of information from the audience that they couldn't possibly know.

I told her that this is done through a process called 'cold reading' where the medium throws out bait into the audience along the lines of 'I'm getting a message from someone whose name begins with P. Has anybody got a P who has passed on recently? No, it could be a B', and so on until they get a bite from an audience member.

A skilled 'medium' will be able to read body language and extract information from people without these people realise they are giving it and even without the audience realising it is happening.

My friend remained unconvinced by my explanation and called me 'closed-minded'.  I I gave this some thought and came to the conclusion that I was not being closed-minded as I was questioning the techniques of the medium and not blindly accepting what they were claiming. Unfortunately I came to this conclusion two days after the debate.

One of the greatest questions humans have is 'Is there life after death'? Entire religions are based around this premise.  So here come mediums claiming that there is life after death, they can prove it as they are talking to dead people.

Just imagine for a moment that you could do what mediums claim to be able to do, that you could talk to the dead.  Would you use this incredible power to prove there is an afterlife to trawl around theatres and clubs, asking for money from the tragically bereaved and lonely?  Would dead people taunt and tease the bereaved by giving obscure messages and only giving their initials?

The answer is no because mediums are liars. Everytime they are asked by a sceptic to prove their powers they say things like they can't switch their powers on and off like a tap.  However they don't seem to have any trouble doing so when they are in front of a paying audience.

Sorry to bang on again about mediums but let's face it, I hate the lying bastards and I when I'm dead I'll bloody well talk to them. They will never want to pretend to speak to the dead again.


YeamieWaffles said...

Perfectly explained Tony, if I could talk to dead people I would not be making money off it. It really is playing on people's hopes which is just wrong. I personally don't believe in anything spiritual so it's hard for me to believe although some mediums must obviously be really really good at their jobs to get everything just based off facial reactions, great post mate, has me thinking.

Janie Junebug said...

I'm always amazed by people who believe that someone has this special power. How can they be so stupid?


Al Penwasser said...

So, that's NOT a ghost?

Pat Hatt said...

hahaha yeah a load of crap. They have some milion dollar prize for anyone who can pass a test and guess what? No one has ever won it. Some mediums.

SkippyMom said...

There is one guy here in the states that has his own TV show on cable. Wish I could remember his name. I am sure everyone else knows it.

Anyhoodle, every time I pass by the show while flipping channels I am compelled to stop, watch a bit and rant at the TV. It is hysterical to watch the people in the audience latch onto the miniscule crumbs he throws out "I am getting a message from. . .is it a male?" Half the audience stiffens, he eyeballs a few fidgeting stiffs and starts through the alphabet. If he even comes CLOSE to the sound of the first letter of their beloved dead uncle's name, the gasp and finish it for him. "His name starts with a um, um. . ." "IT'S AN M. His name was MICHAEL. ::turning to her Aunt:: Did you see that Aunt Gert. He knows it's Uncle Mike." and the medium says "I am sensing he was someone's husband. And her name is...GERT?" More gasping, loud applause.

Pooldad says one day he is going to tape me while I talk to the gullible people on TV. He finds in highly entertaining [hey, I do what I can. ::grin::] And you would find I sound exactly like you in the debunking arguments.

It's sad really that these "mediums" make their livelihood on the despair of others. As Barnum said "sucker born every minute" - and he had those poor folks in mind, I am sure.

Brigitta Huegel said...

Dear Tony,
in my beloved Lucia-novels from E.F.Benson they are always excited about the latest fads - e.g. they use an Ouija-board to talk to ghosts. Hahaha - times haven't changed very much (they have a guru, too - who sadly is found out to be a London curry cook, not a master)

Mynx said...

I dont necessarily believe that the tv and caberet mediums are the real deal but I am open minded to idea that some people have a sensitivity to energy that others dont.
I have had several times when someone, not a professional medium in any way, has known things that they couldn't have. And not by using those fishing techniques you describe

Deus Ex Machina said...

I'm probably the most hardcore skeptic you will ever meet. It has nothing to do with being closed or open-minded. It is merely the act of choosing not to waste one's time indulging ideas that have zero basis in reality. People who choose to put faith in the supernatural are those who do not have the reasoning skills to move past unpleasant realities, or even incomprehensible concepts, and still find purpose and happiness in their lives. As long as we believe that there is a higher authority to answer to and that death is not the end, the longer we can put off accepting chaos and absolution as inevitable universal truths.

Azra said...

I love how passionate you are on this subject lol. My personal beliefs in line with our religious beliefs: when people die, they leave the realm of earth and move on... they don't walk the earth. But that's just the way I see it.

Amy said...

psychics are totally real, they get their signals from UFO trails.

Padded Cell Princess said...

I find it brilliantly open minded to be skeptical of anyone who wants my money! Oh, and it's a load of hooey... ;)

Juliette said...

I totally agree - it's a load of bollocks. I've been to a couple of these with my friends and they are so vague until some poor person buys into it and starts giving info away. Love the photo at the top - that made me laugh!

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