Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mrs Van Helsing

Quite a few years ago, a beautiful girl left her home in England aged 18 and went on a big adventure.  She went to work in Germany, all by herself because she was very brave.

A year later she returned to England and found work with a company in a big city. She moved into a scruffy house that was shared by other people who all worked for the same company.These people all shared the kitchen and living room and would sit on the worn out sofa bickering over what to watch on the TV or whose turn it was to clean the kitchen.  Despite this they all got on well with each other.

One of these people was a man who had returned from his own big adventure in America and London.  He had messy hair, wore Slayer t-shirts, smoked and drank too much and lacked direction.  He was smitten by the beautiful girl but lacked the confidence to tell her.

For some reason, the beautiful girl found this shambles of a man attractive and on a works night out she asked him to dance in a night club and kissed him on the dance floor.  They started to go out together and as they got to know each other realised they had fallen in love.  When she told the man she loved him they were standing on the roof of the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, she certainly knew how to pick a good venue.

Today Mr and Mrs Van Helsing are celebrating their 10th Wedding Anniversary.  She is the greatest person that he has ever met, grows more beautiful each year and he is so in love with her that it overflows his heart.

I just wanted you to know how much she means to me.


YeamieWaffles said...

She truly does seem a beautiful woman and this story really tugged at the heart strings man. Happy tenth anniversary to the pair of you and I wish you the best for the future, love like this is rare in life, you guys have something really special.

OKinUK said...

Happy Anniversary! You're a lucky guy.

Pat Hatt said...

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a wonderful woman. Plus she puts up with you speaking in the thrid person huh hahaha

Miranda Hardy said...

What a wonderful story. Congrats to you both! Ten years is a big deal.

Amy said...

What a sweet,wonderful way for you to share! She is beautiful and you are both lucky that chance brought you together.
Here's to fifty more years!
And, where do I get a beer that size?

Juliette said...

That's beautiful and the best Wedding anniversary present I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

It made me cry.
I love you too baby
Mrs Van.Helsing

The Angry Lurker said...

Congratulations to you both, here's to many more!

D4 said...

That's amazing man, little things like this make me smile. Happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Having celebrated that same milestone in June, I can certainly appreciate this sentiment. Congrats to you both.

Brigitta Huegel said...

Dear Tony,
what a beautiful love-letter to an utterly beautiful woman! Congratulation to you both, with all my heart I wish you many, many returns of your glad wedding day!

Rob Z Tobor said...

Very Cool thing to write..... Well done both.

Janie Junebug said...

Good God that's nice. Does she know about the tea tree oil for your face? If Dr. X had written something that nice to me, I would have shat myself from the shock, but I bet you're nice to Mrs. Van Helsing all the time.


Margaret said...

What a nice present you have given her.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Matthew: Always the first to comment, I appreciate it mate.

OK: I am indeed.

Pat: Tony thanks you for your comment.

Miranda: Into double figures now.

Amy: The photo was taken in the Ben Nevis Inn at the foot of Ben Nevis. I wrote an earlier post about the evening there.

Juliette: Thanks love.

Anonymous: And you got a card and a night out as well.

Lurker: Thanks, I am a soft get.

D4: Keep up the good work.

Joshua: Congrats to you too.

Britta: My wife loved your comment.

Rob: I never thought of it like that.

Janie: I have my moments.

Margaret: It didn't cose anything either.

Baiba1205 said...

aww, what a cute story :)

Happy anniversary :)

Kelly Polark said...

Your story made me smile!
Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Van Helsing!
Happy Ten Years and many more! :)

DWei said...

This is sweet. Congrats on your anniversary! Here's to 10 more years!

Vapid Vixen said...

Oh my god this is so adorable! 10 years! Congrats and may you two have a million more together. This gives me hope!!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Baiba: I am never cute but thank you.

Kelly: And you have a beautiful smile.

DWei: Thanks dude.

Vixen: There is always hope.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Awwww that is so sweet. I can't imagine my husband writing something like that.

Hope you two had an awesome anniversary!

EC Stilson said...

Congratulations! This is such a beautiful post--for a beautiful woman, inside and out :)

Nicki Elson said...

Aww! I'm a week late, but happy anniversary to both of you. May your next ten years together be equally as lovely.

Padded Cell Princess said...

How did I miss this!?! You are so sweet and your wife sounds like an incredible woman! You are blessed to have each other! Here's to 10 more wonderful years! Happy belated anniversary!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Could it be that she just felt really sorry for you? (That's the story my wife is sticking to, and I am trying to help myself not feel so bad by looking for others in the same situation.)

Vinnie Vinegar said...

I agree. she is far too good for you. Happy Anniversary