Friday, 26 November 2010

English Snow

Snow. Basically it is rain that's gone hard. We haven't had much over the past decade or so but last winter was a beauty. I even ended up crashing my car when the council didn't grit the steep road in  Lowtown and my car went skating downhill into a parked Peugeot.

Annoying for me and the owner of the Peugeot but also exciting as I slithered down the icy hill, steering away from the car in front and another struggling up the hill towards me before banging into the Peugeot's rear end. It certainly gets the heart racing at 06:25am.

You know when it's going to snow over here as it is headline news, as though an apocalyptic ice age was hoving into view rather than a couple inches of snow.

Obviously kids love it as it means possible school closures when the boilers mysteriously pack up. How come school boilers are the only ones that can't handle the cold and the one at my work chugs along just fine.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the bad weather I still get a bit excited by snow and I bet most people do. Except maybe pensioners for the obvious reasons.

Everything looks different and trying to get about becomes a challenge and although it is a bit of a pain I enjoy the change of routine.

So let's stop moaning about snow and accept the fact that it gets cold in winter and always has done.

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