Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Smug Git.

A few years ago my wife announced that she wanted to do the Carol Vorderman 28 day Detox Diet. At this time I was around 15 stone in weight and was getting a noticeable belly so I decided to join her in this enterprise, it would be easier in the long run as we wouldn't have to be preparing separate meals.
It's basically a vegan diet, no wheat, dairy, meat, fish, alcohol, caffiene or anything with sugar in it. Breakfast was porridge made with water, lunch would be salad and evening meal would be some vegetarian dish. Snacks would be fruit or Ryvitas with houmous, something I had never eaten before.
It was suprisingly hard work preparing the various soups, stews and salads but over time it was something we got used to.
At the end of the diet I had lost thirteen pounds and felt better for it but now I was looking forward to an Asda cheese scone with butter and cheese spread on, a staple for me pre-diet.
However when I finally had one all I could taste was fat and the inside of my mouth had a film of grease on it. I haven't eaten one since.
I tried to drink a can of Cola but after nearly a month of nothing fizzy it was like drinking battery acid. A McDonalds meal tasted synthetic and afterwards felt as though it had formed a large cube in my stomach, the corners of which were now digging into my gut wall.

Needless to say this experience has had lasting effect on my diet and has made me think about what I eat. I am not saying that fad diets are a good thing as many people feel they are denying themselves and when the diet is over they will rush out and gorge on what they have been missing. Just do things in moderation. We've all sat and chewed our way through a whole tube of Pringles at some point and you don't have to beat yourself up about it.
Just do it once every couple of months or something, not every night.

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